Monday, September 1, 2014

I am never leaving

Ending a change and starting a new one soon! The comp is getting a lot better. Feeling better and we are starting to work more.

The rain is still coming down... But we should be leaving it soon I hope.
Oh the great things of the mission. Another group of my pals went home. So weird to think that we are all here working together in our own world and then all of a sudden they leave and never come back. Crazy. But hey one day it will happen to all of us. Except me. I am never leaving. mwhahahahha :)
Everyone is doing good down here, learning that maybe the Lord is still trying to teach me the same lesson that I still can't seem to grasp.  But that is life right? Oh the patience that He has with us.
Love you lots,
Hermana Farner

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