Monday, November 24, 2014

Breathers in the Mission

This week was really, really, really long. One of the longest of my life. Before a baptism literally everything goes wrong;  it is a promise in the mission. You just hope that the stuff goes wrong with you instead of your investigator.
And that is what we saw this week with good ol Ba. She didn't have a single problem in the week before. It was just us and all the stuff that was happening with the clothing and the place and the font and the mission leader and the zone leaders and the registros and all the paperwork behind the baptism.
And my poor little companion had no idea there were problems and she asked me why I was on the phone so much, so I just told her look honey this is what happens when you have baptism or a confirmation in the mission and laid it all out for her. Her eyes got wider and wider and wider and we ending up just laughing our heads off. (like with everything) She is literally so great. I feel like God always gives me breathers in the mission before I go right back under the water to learn something else. Hermana M and Hermana H are the two evident examples of that.

Hitting a year. No way. Feels weird but I feel good, like it was supposed to happen - everything that has happened. I think I will understand and comprehend a little more the stuff that has happened when I get changed from el Monte. It feels like I am stuck in a time warp out there. It is so far away from everything.
I have changed so much here words shall never be able to describe it.
I love you all so much; pray lots for me this week that I will be able to say goodbye and start over new with a new companion and new people and places without dying! 
Love you all!
Hermana Farner

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


God has never threw me so many palos before in my life. This mornings personal study was not a fun one. I was almost laughing about how directly I was reading what I needed to do. It also didn't help that it was in Doctrine and Covenants where everything suena mas fuerte.

But anyway. Starting week 5 of this last change in El Monte. Got two baptisms planned for this next week. They are Sa.'s daughters. SO GREAT. It will be a lovely service. I hope that you all will be able to pray for them. Ba. is 20 and is literally one of my best friends in this world. I am so happy she is doing this because her family is VERY prepared.
Love you,
Hermana Farner

Monday, November 10, 2014

Elder Nelson

We got to meet with Elder Nelson from the 12. Great experience. Got to shake his hand WHAT. His wife talked about our premortal checklist. The things we promised God we would do when we came here. Crazy stuff. Made me think a lot. I hope I am completing that checklist.
Had a baptism yesterday of my dear friend Sa. Literally love that woman. Her family will be baptized soon as well. 3 more weeks in El Monte and I hope I get sent to the coast. PRAY FOR ME.  I want to lift a sector from the dust.
Love you,
Hermana Farner

Monday, November 3, 2014

"Wow I could have really used this today!"

I learned a lot about the Spirit this week. I feel like sometimes as members of the church, we feel the Spirit so often that we don't take the time to recognize it and meditate on what is happening.
Hermana H and I have been trying our hardest to buscar experiencias espirituales instead of just hoping they happen. We are trying to create a specific environment when we are with the people here in Chile where they can really feel God`s love for them. And man is it working wonders. We went from 3 fechas to about 8 in a couple days.
I am also going to stress the importance of studying in the morning from your scriptures. We are going into a literal battle with Satan every day, and when we don't read and study our scriptures in the morning, it is like we are walking out and fighting without weapons. And then we come home and we look at our weapons and shine them up and say, "wow I could have really used this today!". Imagine if we had had it before right? We could have been much more prepared to face all the things that the devil is planning to deceive us with. Even if it means getting up really early in the morning, I exhort you to change the habit of scripture study to the morning and really search for those experiences. I promise that it will change your life.
As always, miss you and love you. 
Love you lots!
Hermana Farner