Monday, March 30, 2015


We have been learning a lot about the Atonement out here in the mission. Went on splits with my bestie Hermana H, she is a legit boss at explaining and applying the atonement in her life. We talked a lot about grace and how grace is the enabling power of the atonement and as we apply this power we aren't earning heaven but rather learning how to live there after we die.

I hope that everyone will be able to think about this all their lives but especially during this amazing time of Easter where we remember that we can vencer death and sin because our maraviollso Salvador lo hizo igual. 
Haven't had the women's conference here in Chile still. WE have to wait until Saturday :)
Hermana Farner

Monday, March 23, 2015

Grow in our faith; be constant in our love

I am astounded at how fast the mission is flying by. Me and Hermana T cannot believe that it is already the end of March and that we will SEE THE PROPHET ON TV SOON! I am super excited for General Conference. It will be legit.

I am so astounded at God`s plan for us. All we have to do is grow in our faith and be constant in our love and we will one day reach the understanding that everything that happens in our life is for our benefit and because He loves us. I am so in love with this calling and the assignments that God has given me within my calling. I have seen how each and every one of the challenges and tests I have faced in my life have helped me to be able to serve others more fully and become more like my Savior like it says in Moroni 7:48.
Hermana Farner

Monday, March 16, 2015

By faith, obedience, patience, and real love...

This week was AWESOME.
First, your emails made me sad. Its hard for me to stay longer in the mission and I do feel bad for not being more direct in telling you all but let's be honest, we all knew I was going to do it. But I took a nap and in that nap I dreamt that you all sent me back to Chile because you said I didn't love you all enough. And as I was sleeping the Section 123 of Doctrine and Covenants flashed through my head. (remember the dream)
Tuesday: We did intercambios with Hermana C and Hermana McN.  Hermana McN is a new missionary and she came with me to Ochagavia. So much fun. Met one of my best friends. She is sooo cool. But had a very spiritual time with her and she told me that everything I told her is exactly what she needed to hear. The Lord loves all of us. I am so sure of it. I can literally feel the Lord speaking through me to each one of His brothers and sisters here on earth. I am just so grateful that my quest to be obedient has been a desire and not a burden and that I want to do this because I love God.
Wednesday: Me and Hermana T talked it out about our splits with El Monte and Hermana H and my "granddaughter". I didn't want to go to El Monte because I knew it would be really hard. And I didn't want to be with Hermana H because I also knew it would be really hard. But what did the Lord say? Go to El Monte with Hermana H. So I went. And as I was walking down the street I saw my convert Sandra on her bike. She stopped and ran up to me and we gave each other a huge hug and just cried. I didn't realize how much I loved and missed her and cared about her until that moment.

We went by later to her house and saw B and we started talking. They told me that a couple days earlier her father in law that lived with them forever had died and had created a huge challenge in the house. She then said "I don't know how, but everytime we need help from the Lord, you seem to show up." As they said that Section 123 of Doctrine and Covenants 123 came to my head again as I started to understand the dream I had had. In verse 17 it says "Por tanto, muy queridos hermanos, hagamos con buen ánimo cuanta cosa esté a nuestro alcance; y entonces podremos permanecer tranquilos, con la más completa seguridad, para ver la salvación de Dios y que se revele su brazo." It was just what they needed to hear. We all gave more hugs and I just am still blown away at how specific and infinite God´s plan is. And I am grateful He has included me in it.

Skipping to Saturday and Sunday,
We visited H, an inactive drug addict who is about 22. Been a long slow process to get him to start listening to us but he has really come out of his shadow to start listening to us. He had some bad experiences in the church and for that he had left. We taught him about Lesson one and the importance of the Atonement in our lives and invited him to church. HE CAME along with 12 other inactive and less active members. Starting to feel like I am in El Monte again.

Just getting humbled to the dust.
By faith, obedience, patience, and real love, THE WORLD CHANGES.

Hermana Farner

Monday, March 9, 2015

It will fly by...

I come home June 19th instead of May 19th. Piece of cake. It will fly by. Only get to serve solo once!
This week went to Melipilla (CAMPO CAMPO CAMPO) which means a ton of countryside to do splits with one of my pals Hermana D. It was awesome. We really felt the spirit together. I also unclogged their drain that had been clogged for a week and smelled awful. But Dad would be proud of me! I am a regular plumber :)
Then I went and did splits the next day in the city with Hermana T. Another one of my good friends. (really all of the hermanas are my friends) But we did some good work over there and really felt the spirit too. I think it is my favorite thing to do as being a missionary is setting eternal goals with the hermanas. Helping them build their self confidence and knowledge that they are called of God and are his daughters. At the beginning of my mission that just made me mad to think that they couldnt just SEE their potential. But now I love helping them uncover their eyes and see it. It is the best feeling :)
Love you all and see you soon! (Sooner than you think mom don't worry :))

Monday, March 2, 2015

Not done yet

The President gave me the green light to stay for an extra change. I am just looking for the email to send to the secretaries to make it final. It makes me sad that I will miss a lot of events that are important at home, but I really feel like I am not done yet. I know that this sacrifice will bring a lot of amazing blessings to our family and my family here in Chile. I know that with prayer and faith you will feel the same. It is hard for me too. I want to be at Hollan's birthday, Addison's as well and her graduation and prom and Baylee's wedding and everything but I can't deny the feeling I have. I promise to work off the extra money that will be spent in the last month of the mission that wasn't planned.

This week we saw a TON of miracles. We found a bunch of members that hadn't gone to church in like 10 years the came to the first time yesterday. Needless to say there were a lot of tears and hugs. It is the best feeling to see someone change their heart. I felt like the father of the prodigal son while I stood at the church door and watched these people come in. Miracles still get me right in the heart. I can't help but tear up.
Did my first splits as an Hermana Lider. Wow. A TON harder than I thought. Our theme for the girls "Mi mision es mi sion" or "My Mission my Zion" is what we are teaching. Helping the girls focus on faith and obedience and unity as a companionship. I love Hermana T. I know we are going to see all kinds of miracles. I really am just so excited to be here with her.
I got sick and at night I was coughing a lot so I went downstairs to the bathroom as to not wake up the other girls. While I was there I ran into my first cockroach. Hermana T. accompanied me as it was 3am in the morning we went hunting for the cockroach and finally killed it after a lot of screaming and throwing of sandals. It was an eventful night.
Love you all and miss you lots!
Hermana Farner
Ps I am a grandma in the mission! Hermana H. is training and I get to go back to El Monte to do splits!! I AM SO EXCITED!