Monday, March 9, 2015

It will fly by...

I come home June 19th instead of May 19th. Piece of cake. It will fly by. Only get to serve solo once!
This week went to Melipilla (CAMPO CAMPO CAMPO) which means a ton of countryside to do splits with one of my pals Hermana D. It was awesome. We really felt the spirit together. I also unclogged their drain that had been clogged for a week and smelled awful. But Dad would be proud of me! I am a regular plumber :)
Then I went and did splits the next day in the city with Hermana T. Another one of my good friends. (really all of the hermanas are my friends) But we did some good work over there and really felt the spirit too. I think it is my favorite thing to do as being a missionary is setting eternal goals with the hermanas. Helping them build their self confidence and knowledge that they are called of God and are his daughters. At the beginning of my mission that just made me mad to think that they couldnt just SEE their potential. But now I love helping them uncover their eyes and see it. It is the best feeling :)
Love you all and see you soon! (Sooner than you think mom don't worry :))

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