Monday, August 25, 2014

Serve with all your Heart

Something that I have been thinking a lot about is what it means to serve with all your heart. To me the mind is so weak. It can be controlled and distracted with the change of one thought. All the mind needs to change is a simple desire. But where does the desire come from? Oh yes, it comes from the little organ that keeps that body moving, called the heart. In the Scripture Study Guide under the word heart it says (loosely translated) "Symbol of the disposition and the willingness of man and in the ideas the fuente de todo emocion y todo sentimiento." I am sorry but I really don't remember anything about English.
This is a big thing. the heart, serving with all of my heart is something that I can definitely improve on. The heart has a lot of room for love. A lot of room for all kinds of love. But as a symbol of the scriptures it shows our willingness and also our attitude with the things that we are given.
Sometimes I feel like we sustain the challenges, we accept them, but we don't enjoy them. I regress to one of my earlier sayings. REVEL IN THE TRENCHES. That is when you see if your heart is really connected with the will of God, when you get a challenge in whatever form it comes and you love it.
Step by step we will one day be truly converted. 
Love always,
Hermana Farner

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