Monday, August 11, 2014


Can you believe it? I am 11 days from being halfway done! WHAT!

This week was an interesting one as we are going to Santiago twice a week. It is what we call a 2 hour travel there and back. We take a rickety old bus all the way to central station 1.5 hours and then we take another 30 minutes in the metro. I can honestly say I know Santiago and the whole western half of Chile like the back of my hand, Santiago reminds me a lot of the lovely city of Seattle and the weather is very, very similar and the people dress the same. I could live in Santiago; but it is really, really expensive, sadly.
I love the way the Lord gives us things that we have never experience to broaden our perspective of what life is really about. This week we were able to find 3 more people who have accepted to get baptized. I really believe the Lord is blessing us in a way that we hadn't ever thought of before. I will be honest when I say that there is nothing I would rather do than walk all day and enter a house and tell them that they can have eternal life.
I have never been so happy in circumstance that are so dark.  I thank you Mom and Dad for raising me well. It has blessed me more than you know.
Love you all so much!
Hermana Farner

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