Monday, September 15, 2014

To Know

 I believe that the mission has relaxed me more than I can explain. I realize now that I am not perfect and that also I cannot control everyone nor everything. With that said I have relaxed a lot and learned to just love God and know that He is in control and as long as I stay obedient, He will bless me.
I think that is something that Hermana K. has taught me.
It is amazing when you come out of a test, it is like you understand everything. I love that. I have been tested and tried and still continue to be every single day of the mission, but there is nothing more satisfying than leaving a trial and UNDERSTANDING why you had to go through it. I get it now. And I just can´t even imagine what is going to happen after the mission, because in a way the mission is one big trial and challenge. So who knows what I will leave with!
 I am so grateful for the Atonement in my life. I feel myself slowly learning more and more and more about it. But I know that the adversary wants to make sure that I don't take the steps to really get to know my Savior. Something I love about the Spanish language is the verb "to know" has two different words: to know something, as in a fact, it is "saber" and to know personally or really well is "conocer". In President Boyd K. Packer´s talk at the end he says, Yo conozco mi Salvador. I want to be able to say that. That I know Him personally like my best friend. I still think I can say that I know He lives and that He loves me. But I want to learn more and say more than that. It is time.

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