Monday, March 3, 2014

You Get What You Go For

The world is goin super well and I am sure that you all are loving life at home. I miss you all con toda mi corazon.

So we went and taught again at the spider glass house again and there was an ant in my glass this time. So funny! And then at lunch yesterday I had an ant AND a fly. My life....

SAW JILLIAN at the big meeting we had in saturday. It was awesome. Got your letter and also thank Brother Lewis for his letters they are awesome. And the Roll family. Didn't get to tell them forever ago but ya that is good stuff.
So this past week things are starting to get really cold. Winter is starting!!! Would you look at that? We are also on week 4 of my second exchange. It is crazy how fast the mission goes. It is going to be conference before we know it. I can't wait to hear the prophet speak.  There is so much more meaning in my life now concerning the Gospel. I always knew it was true, but now I think about how special it could be to my friends back home and how much it could change the world if the people would just let it.
The quote "You get what you go for" is exactly what I think about all the time. YOU GET WHAT YOU GO FOR. If I want more priesthood  holders in the church I am going to contact more middle aged men or men in their twenties. If I want more love in my life. I am going to give more love. If I want to get married after my mission I am going to change characteristics now to be a better woman of God so that I will attract a Man of God, not some random flaite. If I want to remember who I am I am going to remind myself every day that I can rattle the stars through the healing and strengthening power of the Atonement and our tools like the scriptures, prayer and especially our testimonies.
If you have the chance to bear your testimony, BEAR IT.  I know that a lot of times we groan when the same people bear their testimonies but seriously they are getting stronger while the rest of us are merely listing and growing mold. YOU GET WHAT YOU GO FOR.
If you have time read the talk by our good friend and past prophet GB Hinckley in the May 1999 Ensign I think called Find the Lambs Feed the Sheep or something like that. Help build Zion on earth.
Mo. and Is. are getting married Saturday!!! YAYYAA! Can't wait. And baptism next week. I really hope and pray that they will continue to be strong and worthy  to be baptized and that they are truly converted. That is one of the things that we learned from Elder Evans (leader of the mission board or something) that we get baptized when we are converted not the other way around. And Elder H., Nairne's friend from the mission told me the same things this week. (ya he is writing me.... weird right?) But it is so true. I just think of Peter and that bible verse  - When you are converted Strengthen your brethren. There is also a talk I think by Elder Bednar that talks about that very thing, that conversion is a life long process, but I believe there will be a moment that we all can look back and see that day where we decided that nothing else mattered more that serving the Lord, nothing else matters more than living the commandments and that there is nothing else that matters in this life than losing ourselves in the work of the Lord, then we will really find out who we are. I am deep in that mud right now. I love it. Love being in the trenches. Keep that eye single to the glory of God.
Love and miss you all. Call me Garfield because I hate Mondays because I hate writing you guys. Makes me sad! 
Con Amor,
Hermana Farner
Ps- The comp is great. I stopped being selfish and life is good now :)

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