Monday, March 31, 2014

The Importance of making a Decision

MO. AND IS. GOT BAPTIZED YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE·EEEEE! It was awesome.  It was beautiful!

The new pension is really nice. We live with two other hermanas. Hermana B. (Argentina) and Hermana C. (Greenie from Pullman Washington!) they are awesome. Hermana B loves to talk and drink the mate. She is legit, love her to death. Hermana C. is a greenie with some red red curly hair. Super tierna. I love living with them. Hermana M. is  champ. She is teaching me a lot. We are having a good time together. I apparently talk in my sleep, but in Spanish and I promise blessings to those that keep the commandments. Nada que ver.

I got food poisoning again! Yay! Found some sweet cat hair in my food from one of the members. Hermana M. took good care of me. Didn't have throw up, but I wish I did if you know what I mean.
And on the spiritual side, this is what I learned this week: The importance of making a decision.
There is this Mormon message about forgiveness and a guy named Chris Williams whose family was killed by a drunk teenage driver, when he met the kid that killed his family, the thing he told him to do was to pick a day and just forget what had happened and move on.
There was this picture in my room before I left on the mission of a little kid running through a field with just the biggest smile on his face, the caption underneath says "Happiness is not a destination but a manner in which to travel."
2 Nefi 2:25 says Adam fell that men might be, and men are that they might have joy.
What do these things have in common? Happiness is a decision.To be full of joy doesn't depend on your circumstances. To want to sing and smile doesn't come from any outside influence. It comes from within. It is a mental action, a conscious choice. If there is a sin in the past, someone you haven't forgiven, si tiene rancor en su corazon, pick a day and forget. God has already forgotten if you have repented and changed. If you are sad, make the decision to be happy. It doesn't depend on what is happening around you, we are here to have joy. But we have to make the choice first.
And what do ya know, what do ya guess? I am happy now. I picked a day to forget the past, I picked a moment to feel the joy. And here I am. In the same place and in the same situation but completely different. There is some higher principle that I am going to learn soon but yeah at this moment I am still on level one on how to disfrutar my mission and my life.
That's all folks! Pumped for the GC! Elder K. tells me that General Conference in  the Greenie room is like going to the superbowl in the mission. haha ;)
Love and miss you all! Life is to be enjoyed no just endured!
Peace out Young bloods.
Hermana Farner

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