Monday, March 10, 2014

Our mansions in Heaven

Learning a lot about different cultures out here. But yes the wedding was beautiful. They were so happy, no worries got lots of pictures and all that. The sad part is they aren't getting baptized on the 15th they will get baptized on the 22nd because Is. needs one more church attendance. That was super sad.

I think I the hardest part of being on the mission is that there really is no manual. There is no guidebook. You just have to follow the Spirit. I feel sooooo young and inexperienced it is crazy.

Do I have funny stories? Boy do I ever!!! So the dudes here in Chile are way too funny. They will yell stuff at you but then run away like little children. For instance yesterday we were walking and this guy in his late 30s early 40s on his bicycle rode by and stopped for 6 seconds said in English "You are beautiful woman" and then sped off on his bike. hahhahahah. Way too funny. Then there was this drunk guy we walked past and he yells to me in English, "I love you! My name Silva!". They are all so bashful it is just hilarious. Now me and Hermana V. will say things to each other like 'Usted es muy guapa' and then pretend to run away. It has been a good ongoing joke for us.
The baptismal fechas are dropping like flies. That darn pesky agency. 
A little about faith. We read Alma 32 as a companionship. When we have that faith like a seed and plant it, it is how we can help it grow to become knowledge right? After that seed has grown into the big tree of knowlege the faith is dormant, but when winds come and shake the tree of knowlege the seeds that are there, fall to the ground and start to grow in the same form right? That wind can be a trial, it can be a temptation, it can be a challenge that you have to face but growing a new tree of faith. And soon you have another tree of knowledge growing close by. And then the course starts over! As we care for the trees that we have already obtained by continuing to nourish them, we soon have a forest. A giant forest depending on how well we take care of our little seeds of faith into knowledge trees. But the question in the end is, why? Why bother having a lot of trees? Why bother when I can just spend all my time cultivating my one tree? At times we think that quality is better than quantity. I am here to say that quantity and quality are equals. Those trees of knowledge are going to be cut down to make our mansions in heaven. We need good strong sturdy wood, but we also need a lot of it.
Faith should never be dormant for more than two minutes. We should always be improving always be getting better. Our life is like a glass. If we dont fill it with something to the brim, we will always have the option to look at it half empty. If we fill our lives with good things, we won't have the time to look at what we don't have.
Love and miss you all so much. The time really flies out here. I will be seeing your face in a couple short months mommy. Don't you worry!!  The pictures are hard to send because I don't know how to get the cable plugged into the computer. I swear I have pictures though! No se preocupe. 
Love youuuuuuuuu looottsss,
Hermana Farner

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  1. The word is the seed. Faith is what makes it grow. ;)