Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My twin from Mexico

Mo. and Is. did not get baptized. Hopefully this week. We have faith!!
We had changes and Hermana V, left! The new team in Los Cerrillos, Los Libertadores 2 es Hermana M. y Hermana Farner. Hermana M. is pretty legit she is loud and opinionated (in a good way) and loves to laugh, so basically my twin from Mexico. I have a feeling we will see a lot of success together as comps.
We are also switching apartments with the Elders. They have a nicer and bigger one so I guess the sisters get it because we are more careful and cleaner. Perks of being a woman missionary! :) We change today. I packed my camera so I dont have any pictures to send sorry!
What else happened this week? We had a whole lot of investigators attend church. That was awesome we had 7 with us. I love it when they come to church. That is when you know they are really progressing.
Church is like the competition that you have been `preparing' for the entire week. It is what you want everyone to accomplish because when you go to the House of Prayer, the feelings that you feel when you pray to your Heavenly Father are magnified in a way that before wasnt even possible to think. The Spirit that can be found in the capilla is far more powerful than can be found in a home. That is why going to church is so important.
That is why in the Bible it says that it when we are two or more are united in the name of Christ the Spirit dwells there. Go to church people. House of order, house of prayer, house of God or however they say it in English. Do it. Even if you are tired, sick, grumpy, old, anything. Just do it. Go to church. Take the sacrament with Christ in mind, and BELIEVE in the Atonement and all that He did and is still doing for every single one  of you.
Had the highest number again with Hermana V. in our zone this past two weeks. I have a strong testimony that if you work well and communicate with with your companion, whether it be in marriage, mission, friendships, with your dog, whatever, you are going to be blessed by the Lord and change the world because you have the spirit with you.
Not much more has happened out here in the front. Until next week!
Love you lots!
Hermana Farner

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