Monday, February 24, 2014

Itsy bitsy Spider

Good Morning Washington!

How's life going up north? Down south is full of all kinds of emotion and weather.
First off FOOD. So we were teaching this lady and she brought us some pear juice and I noticed a black thing floating in the juice but hey I got to drink it right? So I was drinking it and avoiding the floating dot and then as soon as all the juice was gone and the black dot was finally at the bottom of the glass POOF it sprouted eight legs and started crawling up the glass. Yup. It was spider. A live one. But the best part was she poured me another glass and we had a fun round two! EWWWW.
Oh and also my hair always ends up in my district leader´s food. One time he literally pulled it out of his throat. It was super gnarly and hilarious. Yesterday this family served us hamburgers..... YESSS: So I ate 5 of them. My comp was super mad at me, but hey they kept offering and I wasn't about to say no to hamburgers! Sooo good. Oh and mom I ate tuna and noodles and thought of you!! Also the mango here is cheaper than apples. AND I eat tomatoes like there is no tomorrow.  I LOVE TOMATOES!
Spiritual: So I have been thinking a lot about convenants and the strength that they bring us. Sometimes we forget that when we keep our convenants and keep the commandments we will receive blessings! It is a promise from God! And the happiness that we will receive is beyond imagination. Sometimes I hear a song in the calle that reminds me of home and the happiness is so different. I can almost tangibly feel the difference of the pure joy of the Gospel and the supposed happiness of the world. 
Also I have been reading the Book of Mormon a ton and been thinking a lot about the final words of each on the prophets found in that book. Wow. Think about Nephi. In 2 Nephi he is talking about all this crazy Isaiah stuff and then he goes, wait a second I have a little more to tell you. and boom we get 31 and 32 of second nephi. The clearest explanation of the Gospel of Christ. think about the words of King Benjamin, his last sermon teaches everything we need to learn in such clear, simple, and powerful terms but with love and kindness.
Lehi when he is giving advice to his children. Same with Alma the younger before he walks off into the desert to be taken up into the arms of his Savior. WOW. I want to write a book analyzing the final words of every prophet in the book of Mormon and Bible. But of course, the Savior´s last words are the most poignant of them all. Before he ascends into heaven, he tells his apostles in Jerusalem, preach the gospel to everyone. There is no greater calling. Every member is a missionary.
I have been thinking a lot about if I knew I was going to die, what would I say? There is a talk in conference about this too but I honestly have no idea right now. I hope I live a long life so that I can learn and grow and have pain and trials so that when I finally get to see my Salvador again, I can truly thank him for his sacrifice for me and show him that I worked everyday to become more like Him and leave a posterity behind me following in the same path to eternal life with our family and God. Es la meta!
Never been happier than in the mission! Never been sadder than in the mission!
Random stuff: First earthquake! Was super dope. and I am also super clumsy. Trip over nothing all the time.
Hermana Farner

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