Tuesday, February 11, 2014


CONGRATS SCOTT AND EMILY!!! My comp in the CCM Hermana McBride is in the Richmond Virginia Spanish Speaking mission and so is my roommate Hermana McCrae! Emily you are going to lovvvee the CCM in Mexico. What a place! Make sure to eat lots of the salsa that stuff is magic and I miss it every day. Scott you are coming to the promised land my man!
A few lessons about praying for patience and humility. I can testify that God answers prayers. I have been praying for the ability to gain the Christlike attributes of patience and humility in this past week. A word of caution and advice for the future. Don't ever do this. God answers prayers.
Let me explain.
One day we looked in our fridge and realized that all the food was hot. And well that's just not how a fridge is supposed to work. So we took all the stuff out and ya it was super dead so we don't have a fridge, not to mention the broken shower, toilet and lack of hot water because we didn't pay the bill (haha that last one is just stupidity) but ya that is always fun!
Humble yet? Nope.
I accidentally drank some rotten milk and ate some rotten jam. (Let's just stay that I was starving and made cereal in the dark. bad idea (stupidity again)). The next day I was laying in bed trying to puke but not being able to. Then we ate lunch at a member's house and I had to give my postre to Elder K to eat because there was no way that was gonna go down and stay down. So then we went to an investigator's house and right in the middle of the talk about the first vision, ya it started to come up. I sprinted to the side of the house and just started puking like there was no tomorrow. It was super super super funny and gross and just awkward. The lady was old and half blind so I don't think she knew everything that was happening but she could probably smell it. After that we finished the lesson invited her for baptism; she declined sadly and we went on our merry way.
But that was no the end of that. I used that bathroom in every other house we went to that day and for the next two days. I remember laying on the ground and crying because I wanted to go work but I couldn't move my muscles and all I could think of was WHY DID I PRAY FOR HUMILITY AND PATIENCE. And also then the answer came to my mind. Revel in the trenches and run uphill. Haha-good stuff.
I had my talk! Went well. I almost pulled a Mike Farner and asked everyone who did their home and visiting teaching to stand but I figured that it was a step too far. But I definitely spoke with my cutting edge voice with this ward. I am very frustrated; they are very amazing but won't work together. So I gave some nice whacks to the head with the proverbial stick in true Hermana Farner fashion. Do it ancient with some power and authority. 
The miracle of the cambios. We are staying in Los Cerillos for another 6 weeks and thank goodness for it! We prayed every night for like three nights that she wouldn't get changed. Hermana V has been in Los Cerrillos for about 6 months already so we were pretty nervous!  We have 8 baptismals fechas for March and we did NOT want to miss those. These people mean so much to me. Especially my Mo. and Is. and G:   Love those kids. Also L. is 73 and S. is 84 and they are the cutest couple ever. She always mentions how she wants to be married to S. for eternity in the temple and he always responds with a resolute smile and silly joke. He is a character for sure. Deaf as a doorknob but just the funniest sweetest old guy. Their grandkids and daughter are getting baptized too and it is just a happy time for that family.
I miss all of you and hope life is great.
Love always,
Hermana Farner

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