Monday, February 3, 2014

Revel in the Trenches

I tried to talk in English to some lady yesterday and physically couldn't do it.  I can't speak English or Spanish really well. I am stuck in the twilight zone of languages at the momento. haha :)
We had some GIANT completos the other week. So good. I love them. Probs my favorite. Then yesterday we were at the house of menos activo and gave us literally a cuarto of cake. Super rico but really too much. I had to eat one and a half of eat of those things because Hermana V couldn't do it:) I had my first empenadas, homemade with our investigators last night. So good. They were filled with salmon I think. Couldn't really tell you but I woke up with pain in my stomach in the middle of the night. Hope I won't have a Nairne experience.
Pöwer and Authority. If you have time look for all the examples you can of people preaching with power and authority in the BOM and  Biblia. Sooo amazing. And inspirational. There is no greater work than la obra misional. Also there is a little phrase I came up with called Revel in the Trenches. When we are in the darkest, hardest parts of our lives we need to revel in those moments because they are the defining moments of our lives. Seriously, there is no better time to build the light our faith than when it is the darkest part of the war with Satan. Find that hope and revel in the moments you have in those moments, always having hope.
Mo. y Is.:
MILAGROS. Not married 31 and 21 respectively. They are so faithful and poor and are ready for baptism....... after marriage. Yesterday they both got jobs both felt that 8 of March is their date for marriage and 15 of March is their baptism. I love them so freaking much it is scary. I have so much stress. I want them  to be happy and take their trials for them!!
What the heck!  The time flies when you are working hard. We have cambios next week and I better stay here in Maipu. I want  to see my amigos get baptized. I love them so much! Their little baby G., is an angel;  chubby and adorable. Looks like that picture of dad we have in the living room but more white. He could be related to me. Super crazy!
Little sick otra vez. Sorry if this is too much info for y'all but I hate the bathroom let's just say that.
I have a talk next week!  Our district is legit we played volleyball today! Hermana V no le gusta deportes.
Love and miss you all!
 Hermana Farner

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