Monday, January 27, 2014

Glory in the Moment, live in the Tender Mercies of the Lord

I don't have a lot of time! Ah! First off it is rough in the ward, we have a lot of menos activas but that is Chile in general. Lots of baptisms not a lot of conversions if you know what I mean. 

Got the letters in the CCM and the letters from you with the picture of Nairne! Love it and carry it with me always. Send him one of me!

WE have 4 fechas for baptism! Straight up magic and miracles out here. I have a strong testimony that if we work and focus on what our purpose is we  are blessed with people that are prepared to hear and accept the word of God in their lives.
Their names are Mo, Is, Vi and Ma. Mo and Is are not married but have a little baby boy Ga who has got to be the straight up cutest baby in the world. They came to church and want to change their lives. They live in very humble circumstances and I love them so much . I invited them to the USA after the mish so be prepared to have them over!´
Ma is Addy's age. He has some problems we can't get him to share at this moment but we are working on it. He believes and comes to church almost every Sunday. Don't have any young men in our ward so its hard to get him a friend which is one of the keys to retention. If you can, have the missionaries teach others in your home! Be a member missionary! Step out of the box and do the work of the Lord!
I still don't understand the currency here at all and I am starting to realize that everyone has their own way of doing things. Oh the things we learn on the mission! 
I am learning the principle of patience and thought control. Thought control is super hard. I pray every day that I can stay present and not get caught up daydreaming about the future or thinking about the past. It is hard! Especially when this 94 year old man is speaking rapid Spanish about his cat that died two days ago. I mean I want to relate it to the Plan of Salvation but it is stretch even in English if you know what I mean. It is so much easier to just think about how delicious food is and how much I love it you know? Haha, such a baby thing but when you can master your thoughts, you can master the world. It all starts in your spirit and your mind. Clean those up and your life is a lot cleaner too.
So many things I want to say to you all! I have a little post it note with all sorts of stuff written down to tell you but I have 5 minutes! Ugh!
I think I will do a spiritual thought:  So often times we are having a lesson about persevering until the end right? Perserverar hasta el fin. And other people when they give this lesson they talk about how we make mistakes and that we just have to take it step by step, little by little. I totally agree with this statement, but not in the tone of the statement. We should glory and realize how wonderful each step is. Not imagining oursleves scraping along. Glory in the moment. Live presently. It makes the view at the end much more beautiful.
Come to the mountain of the Lord right?  That mountain is hard to climb, but if you look on each side of you there are birds, rocks, trees, plants, flowers the little blessings that sometimes get overlooked when we are so focused on the colossal mountain in front of us. This is what I am trying to do. Take those little steps but enjoy them. Live in tender mercies of the Lord.
Sorry if I didn`t answer your questions. I am so bad at managing this time!
Love you lots. Get some family history done too hah ;)
Hermana Farner

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