Monday, January 6, 2014

I am a gringa

Hellllooooo everyone!!! 

It is very different to be speaking in English so please forgive my grammar and my spelling.
Well I arrived in Chile and though I was all finished with that MTC life but no! I went straight to the Chile MTC and met a ton of cool people, got some sleep and did in field orientation again, but with the natives so the amount of English was decreased to almost none. I was in a room with a native Chilean, two Brazilians that knew Jillian and a Mexican who lived in the US. Yeahhhhhhhhh different. Very different. I had a rough first day but learned a ton about finding people. The Chile MTC taught us to find families! As I have been out here I am learning the concept of having an eternal family is super super important. I miss my family a ton and also see part member families suffer when they aren`t united. Heart breaking.
My first day in the field was a blur. I have a Chilean compànion who speaking NO ENGLISH except funny words like fetch. haha. I taught her swag, doe, and heisman. Whenever people don`t talk to us on the street we stop and say heisman and do the pose. SO GREAT. haha. She is awesome. We are best friends even though it is hard to understand each other.
We have so much food fed to us here. I am going to be so fat. Mom make sure you are saving for the gym membership because I need a work out buddy when I get home! I have a super strict in the home diet because outside I can't control it sadly. And here they never serve you water when you go to their house, it is always some kind of juice or some kind of soda. More often than not it is soda. haha.
They people here are so friendly they all will stop and talk to you even though they might not know you. Kissing people all the time is super different and 3 or 4 men have gotten upset when I said no because I am a missionary. It was pretty weird. I get a lot of whistles and yells and honks and inappropriate American words yelled at me because I am a gringa. AND SO WHITE AND TALL compared to everyone haha. Least favorite part of the mission but I can handle it.
We have some great investigators. J is like 74 or something and in a wheel chair she has a baptism date. Then Jo and M a couple of milagros in our lives. Found M who is like 16 on the street and invited him to church in the next visit and he was like sure ya! Then he brough his brother! Both said that if they received answers they would be baptized! J is getting baptized on the 25th. LA GENTE! Love all of them. I want to know Spanish so bad so I can help more. UGH the Lord is teaching me patience ;)
Miss you all so much and I hope that if you have time you can read the parables of the Savior in Matthew and apply each in your life. I have learned so much about how to better my life through the example of the Savior.
Hermana Farner

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