Monday, January 20, 2014

First Sickness in the Mission

I have a fever and crazy back and neck pain. First sickness in the mission! I had to stay in the house over the course of yesterday. I feel a lot better but I am still constantly sweating. rough life.
Dulce de leche is SO delicious. And I am going to start drinking mate for my digestion because ya.... I have a problem with the bano. haha rough life!
Funny story we were cleaning at a house and there the floor was wood and the lady kept washing the wrong way and all I could thing of was WITH THE GRAIN WOMAN, WITH THE GRAIN. haha :)
Fun words: halo- you yell this instead of ringing  doorbell haha. it is weird.. catche- means like "you get it?" and if you do you say "catcho". Palolo-boyfriend.
I broke a mirror and a spoon and my watch this week.
Milagro! got my camera fixed! Best day ever! Now all I have to do is learn how to load pictures onto the computer. CURSE YOU SPANISH. haha :) Nah un chiste I love it here.
Learning a lot out here. A lot about the need to respect my companion. We have very different styles of living, styles of communicating, among others. and then there is the language barrier. She is an angel for being so patient with me. I am starting to see my stubbornness and how it is a weakness that is inhibiting my spiritual growth. I can say without a doubt that a mission is the best and hardest thing I will ever choose to do in this life. I know that God has an amazing plan for me and  I want to be the woman of God that he wants me to be, I can only hope that I am spiritually sensitive enough to change and grow to become as such.
Learned a lot from a discurso by Elder Holland! All about leaving our nets behind and being able to truly say YES Lord I love you more than those things back home and I will feed your sheep.
This week was full of milagros we were able to teach so many people with the same power and authority found in Alma 17. I have a new phrase for myself. Do it ancient. We need to preach like Ammon and Aaron and Amulek and all those great missionaries of ancient times.
One last thing, I have come to understand that faith is not a feeling that we have but rather a manner in which we do something. I am still learning a lot about faith, but that is what I am starting to learn through one of our investigators. 
It is a short message because honestly I am a little dizzy and can't focus well with this fever of mine. Shoot. but tell P Fox I say hey and the mission is the best decison ever! Love to all! Especially you mommy! Miss you and love you a ton ton ton. Can't wait to see you in 16 months! haha can you believe it has already been 2 months?
Hermana Farner

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