Monday, January 13, 2014

The Mission Truly Changes You!

Dear Family and Friends,

First THE FOOD: I can testify that yes. The mission truly changes you. Last week me and Elder T both ate a chile pepper whole and I loved it. Hollan watch out we are having a pepper eating contest when I get home! In Chile we just have salads of tomatoes with oil and salt and then lettuce in a different bowl with oil and salt (salt and mayo are the two staples to the Chilean diet. I have not changed in my love for those. Hate them both: tomatoes and mayo) But ya I serve myself tomatoes and eat them whole and I like it! Same with bananas. The other day we had "burgers" and I had lettuce and tomato on mine. Mission change!! haha ;) We also were fasting the only time I could have had cake. Lame. Sacrifice for something better :)
APARTMENT:  The toilet seat isn't attached to the toilet and I have to gather my hair that falls out in the shower and throw it in the trash can so the drain doesn't clog. I think of Addison almost every morning! haha :)
BUGS: Ya I kill spiders and moths all the time. Sin temor! So weird to see the little things the Lord has provided for me in this mission to make the transition easier.
STORY: SO we were at this meno activas house and asked if they needed any help with anything and they were in the middle of a moving furniture day and so ya we started helping them. There was this giant closet thing that needed to be moved and it was not the most sturdy of structure, but anyway we started moving it and slowly each side of the closet fell off and ya totally breaking and my companion and this old lady were both still going about life like nothing was wrong. I was wishing that DAD was there to tell them how to move furniture! Finally she was trying to get this giant closet into just the TINIEST doorway and it was not going to fit and in my broken spanish I was trying to explain but ya they shoved it and the whole thing collapsed. So we brought it in piece by piece and there I was standing on a table in my skirt with nails and a hammer in hand repairing it! Through much sweat and much spanglish I was able to rebuild it. hahahah. Twas an adventure.
HEAT: I need a translation of heat! But its like 36 degrees celcius here everyday. I DIE.
SPECIFIC PRAYER: The other day we had a specific prayer that we would find a family of 5 to teach that would let us into their home and would get baptized. The work is slow in baptisms out here. Sad life! So we went about our day and slowly we were finding people and at the end of the day this family of three with the cutest baby in the world invited us in and we taught the first discussion. As we were walking home my companion leaned to me and said that we had 5 new investigators that day. All day we had been teaching that we are all sons and daughters of God and brothers and sisters in His family. The prayer was answered in a way that I didn't expect., but what a milagro.
Mom: Ya the people here have the weakest handshakes ever. I have to lighten up because it is like a dead fish. Your quotes everyday also apply to all of my doubts fears and themes for the day. Thank you!
Hollan: You are so much like Jacob in the book of Mormon it is crazy!
Addison: I miss you so much and love you so much and wish I could talk to you!
SPIRITUAL THOUGHT: The work of a missionary is like a pebble being dropped it the lake. Each ripple adds to another until finally it reaches the other side of the shore. As missionaries we may be that pebble, we may be one of the ripples. But by tiny experiences are people brought to the Gospel and when they finally reach that shore of baptism. It is a great day .It is important to not become discouraged because as long as we are working hard that is what is important!
Love and miss you all so much and I am trying not to think about any of you because it makes being a missionary hard! Stay Safe!
Love always,
Hermana Farner

My first completos!

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