Monday, January 12, 2015


Got changes! Wheee! Crazy right? Only 6 weeks out there in the Farfana. President told me that he needs my strength in an area with more potential for growth. He wants me to baptize basically and it takes more time over in La Farfana because they are a little more rich soooo its like when Alma is teaching in Ammonihah and they get all doctrinely deep and the people still don't want to listen. So then they got to Sidom and baptize like there is no tomorrow.
I am going to the poorer part of the mission now. I have wanted to go there my entire mission. I AM SO EXCITED! But I am finishing training a missionary so I still haven't left the training aspect of the mission. I am with an Hermana P. from Colombia. She seems pretty legit. She likes to do things fast so that makes me pumped. I am way too jazzed for someone to slow me down. My good pals Elder Pu. and Elder Pa. are training in the same zone. And two of the elders in my last zone are now my zone leaders in Ochagavia. I am just so pumped!
I learned something important with Hermana V. In the mission, when you don't get along, you are stuck with your companion for longer. But when you put aside your pride and change the way you treat the other person and how you act in general, God blesses you and lets you keep going. I know that is true. I worked my butt off in La Farfana, not just in the ward and the sector, but also with my companion. She was scared of me so I changed so that she could be more loving and trusting. Así que we got along and then I left.
Life is good here.
18 more weeks. WHATTT!
Hermana Farner

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