Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Ochagavia is a very, very special lugar. I pray to finish my mission here. These people are poor in spirit and poor in things of the world. There are 672 members listed in the ward and on average attendance is 90. There is no bishop. We are being presided over by a counselor of the stake presidency. And there are not many active priesthood holders.
I was very sad to arrive and see the amount of things that were not done by former missionaries. I have changed a lot in my mission but this change I am feeling is making me even stronger mentally. However it is hard to have compassion and understanding because I am so far away from what people are doing. If my companion is disobedient I forget what that feels like so I can't relate to her. I just tell her that she has to pick it up and get going. I have turned into all justice and no mercy. But I can't be like that. As usual I am fighting with the concept of balance in my life.
Fun fact. We don't have hot water. I take freezing cold showers. Like FREEZING COLD. I scream every morning. but I shower :)
Love you all lots! Pray that we will get a bishop here!
Hermana Farner

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