Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Live life abundantly

I have been thinking a lot about what to write to be a little more edifying every week for the rest of my mission. I only have like 18 weeks left so it will only be 18 more emails.... WHAT!
I read a wonderful talk the other day by our beloved prophet Thomas S Monson about how to live life abundantly. I am not sure that I translated that correctly in English but I do believe that it makes sense. He talks about how we can take advantage of the life that is given us by doing 3 things:
the first is having a positive attitude. Everything is controlled by our own personal desire. If I say I hate tomatoes, I will hate them. If I say I love them, I love them. I am a strong witness of this principle. Let´s start this year with a positve attitude, that we WILL achieve the goals we have set and we WILL get better with a smile on our faces.
The second is that we should believe in ourselves. There is a funny phrase that says "God don't make no junk". For lack of a better example, this is a true principle. We are literally children of God, he created us in His image, how are we not going to believe that we can achieve anything with his help? Let´s start this year believing that we, children of God, can do whatever he asks us to do.
The third and last principle President Monson shares is to face our challenges with courage. We know life will not be easy, we know that their will be difficulties. Presidente Monson says that sometimes we will feel like David facing a giant Goliath and we will feel inadequate. But we then need to realize that DAVID WON. No matter the challenge, the problem or the difficulty, when we trust in God, have a good attitude and have the courage to stand and face the problem and not run away, we will live a successful and fulfilling life.
Let´s start this year on this foot. And I promise that we will see a different year, a different us, and a different response from everyone else.
Love you lots!
Hermana Farner

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