Monday, June 23, 2014

Barefoot in the Chapel

This week was crazy. We had changes and me and the Mitty are together for one more. The week started out really slow after having all kinds of miracles the week before. Man was I impatient. But there is something I definitely learned right there, God always blesses you in his own time. We got blessed on Sunday. We had a baptism on Saturday! J. our bestie got baptized finally. He is the strongest convert I have ever met. But funny story, we were filling the baptismal font and thought it took 4 hours, but we went and checked on it after 2 hours and the whole entire chapel was filled with water. The elders some members and one of our investigators Ma.n swept all the water out onto the street. I was barefoot in the chapel and the water was up to my ankles. Wasn't the finest moment of my life. But regardless Juan got baptized and it was so great. Then the next day all sorts of people came to church that we hadn't seen in forever. God always completes His promises. I got a big palo about being patient this week. I have a lot of changing to do.
Life is good in Chile. Cold. I am sick. But with the amount of medicine I am taking it should end soon :) Obedience with exactness brings baptisms. That is the theme for this exchange. Time is flying... Dont know what to do!
Anyway one last thing. The Book of Mormon. Always had a testimony of it, but me and the Mitty were talking about it the other day and I remembered someone told me that if I didn't see the tearstains on the plates when I read the book of Mormon I wasn't reading it right. And it finally happened the other day. I am finally reading it right. I can see every tear that was shed by Mormon and Moroni as they wrote and gathered the books together as everyone is dying around them. I finally get it.
Love always,
Hermana Farner

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