Monday, July 21, 2014

We have a Church of Order

Raquel Jimenez Hidalgo's photo.
Hey I am almost halfway done with the mission! No need to miss me! I am almost home!
Time in El Monte is going fast. It is amazing all the things that I thought I knew and I really didn't. I am beginning to understand there exists a grand chasm between knowing something and understanding something. I think that I am beginning to actually understand the Gospel now. Crazy right? After 19 years of being the church I am beginning to get what is going on. So depressing that I wasted so much time.
Something I learned about the creation today. It is actually only organized. We have a church of order, we are beings of science and well, order. We need to be organized in everything. If we are, we find purpose, peace, and understand who we are. Also we already are in the image of God, now we just have to make our spirits like the Spirit of God. That is the grand challenge of life.
Love you all! Sorry I am a lame emailer!
Hermana Farner

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