Monday, July 14, 2014

No Greater Work to Do

B. took the Sacrament!!!!! And to make it just as amazing, her oldest son M (who has a very similar story to Nairne) blessed that very sacrament so that she could take it. It was the first time that he blessed the sacrament (he is 26 a recently got pulled off the street by my dear friend Elder B. 6 months ago) M. has always come to church in some kind of sporty Puma sweat suit and this week he came in a perfectly trimmed suit with a beautiful tie all shaved up and handsome. I was so amazed. We have gotten really close to their family along with others here in the great town of El Monte. I feel like I have lived here all my life.
My little milagro el Mar. got baptized yesterday. It was a beautiful service that was filled with all sorts of emotions. He is 16 so we needed a signature from his mom who was late to the baptism so we were a little stressed but it all turned out good in the end. But he was  miracle. He came to church on his own and we met him there; went to his house, taught him all 5 lessons in 3 weeks and got baptized:  never seen someone so prepared in my life.
We have had some great times the Hermana M. and I this cambio. It is coming to an end super fast..... Can't even explain how crazy it is how fast the mission goes. I have learned a lot about love and patience in this cambio. Would I say I am loving and patient? No. Not at all. But I am definitely on the way. I am getting there step by step and really feeling a difference. My only fear is coming home and just going back to how I was. I really do not want to do that at all. I have never felt so tired, in pain, and yet completely content with my life. I think that is something that you can only feel while out here in the mission field...and it is not easy. But I know without a shadow of a doubt that there is no greater work to do in this life or the life to share the Gospel so that we can help everyone to receive that gift of eternal life with God one day.
Love you so much!
Hermana Farner

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