Sunday, April 20, 2014

The importance of being humble

What happened this week? Nothing much! There are a lot of fires, a lot of earthquakes but really far away. Not affecting us but it is super sad.
Well the change is going by super rapidly. Don't want the Elders to leave they are like my fam! Same with the companion.
Learned a lot about the Lord's plan this week. I feel like I am just spitting my soul everyday in Chile and leaving it all on the streets of my sector until I come home empty. But things don't work out the way that I want them to or the way that I think they should. But here is the deal. God has His plans, His own timing and we just got to keep moving so that when He presents us with the one person that we are meant to teach that we will be ready.
It's like if you are on a jog and have to cross the street and the little man is red, you need to jog in place so that when the light turns green, you will be able to run without difficulty.
Totally offered service to dig gravel the other day and the guy actually let me! I went digging just like Dad taught me and he goes, No way! You actually know what you are doing! haha!  Dad taught me well. It felt good to actually get some manual labor out of the system. That is the only thing that I wish I could do more of on the misiĆ³n, cut wood and shovel dirt. I miss those a lot. I miss gardening in general. None of the people will let us help them! So frustrating!
 That is something that I have learned out here, the importance of being humble and letting others serve you. Sometimes we feel like if we accept help it is showing weakness, but even if we might be able to do it all on our own super fine, simply letting someone else serve you gives the other person the ability to receive blessings and self satisfaction;  something that they couldn't receive if you continually deny them. Feels good to serve, so we should be humble and let others serve us.
La Hermana M. is super great. We have a lot of fun together. She is super great and is super tired all the time too because I make her work a lot more than she has ever worked (that's what she told me at least) She is very satisfied with our numbers because it is much different than her last sector, but ya,.... I'm not. We can do a lot better than we have been. Not satisfied. God is teaching me something again. haha :)
Hermana Farner

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