Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Perfectionism is impossible

This past week flew by, but so much stuff happened too. Thanksgiving was really good! They made a whole bunch of food for us, not nearly as good as home though.

So first off my district is legitimately awesome. We are all super tight and the Hawaiians are so much fun. Elder A´s birthday was yesterday and we sang to him. WE ALWAYS SING. It is my favorite, we just bust out into some sweet harmonies every five minutes.

We play volleyball every single day. I love it. The zone elders talk call me baller and think I am really good. It is really, really fun. Probably the best thing ever. I have so much fun. But the studying is hard to do. There is so much to study that sometimes I get really nervous that I am not studying the right things. But there is some good stuff that I am learning. Especially about prayer. Sister Openshaw was so right when she said that I would learn to pray so desperately and so long and try so hard to communicate with my Heavenly Father but still feel so alone but comforted at the same time. I feel sometimes like I haven't grown at all, but I am trying really hard to improve every day and not get caught up on not being perfect. Perfectionism is impossible in the mission field and also very detrimental so I am trying to focus on being obedient and not trying to run faster than I have strength. I can´t believe I am on my third week though. It is crazy.

Spanish is fine. It is not too difficult at the moment because I can understand everything that is said to me with pretty apt clarity but I just can't say much back except in lessons. We met with this one member named Hermana L who has an inactive friend. I was able to communicate with her completely fluently about what we wanted her to do to better help her friend return to the church. Things like that make me super excited to get out and serve. I think the CCM is just the beginning of Doctrine and Covenants 84:85. I just have to treasure up all the words of life and then I will know what to say once I get to Chile. Both my morning and night teachers served in Puebla Mexico! Weird right? I told them about Elder Farner. I still have to write that little son of a gun. I miss him a lot. Elder C reminds me a ton of Nairne. He is kind of a mix between Nairne and Hollan so he is my favorite elder in the district. Then Elder T is serving  in the same mission as McKayla! I told him to find her.

We have had some super sweet devotionals. My notebook is pretty full. Kind of ridiculous. Luckily I have another one! But I am really having a good time but this is really, really hard. I don't miss much about home, but sometimes at the end of the day I am a little disappointed in the progress I have made because my companion and I get distracted. So I just pray really, really hard for a long, long time to gain strength and patience. It is getting easier even though the situations are getting harder, which is a strong testimony to me that my Heavenly Father is providing for me.

There are these things called bueno bars here that are sooo good. I wait until Elder La goes the tienda and then I follow him around until he offers me a piece. They are like heaven. Chocolate and creme inside kind of a kit kat bar. My hermanas de cuarto Hermana B and Hermana Mc are literally the best. I love making Mc laugh and T. Both of them have the funniest laughs ever. I even made our Latina roommates and my Spanish teachers laugh. I tried to tell my night teacher Hermano S a knock knock joke in Spanish..... but it didn´t work. But sarcasm does exist! I asked!

Dad the computers here are not apple. Just thought I would let you know. There is a kid here that looks EXACTLY like David M but with blonde hair. His name is Elder R and he is going to Texas Fort Worth mission. There are also parrots here which is super fun! Love it! But I got pooped on twice in one day by birds. Ridiculous. There are a bunch of grackels here too.

The mornings here are really, really cold and by the afternoon it is warm again. My hair has already gotten so much lighter and my face is actually a little darker too. It is because of all the beach volleyball. I bore my testimony in Spanish on fast Sunday, it was really cool because I can feel the spirit here every day, and I want to get a stronger testimony. Hermana Pratt (Presidente Pratt´s wife. And also Presidente´s great great great grandfather was Parley P. Pratt) gave a lesson on faith and the brother of Jared. It was a super cool lesson and made me reevaluate my faith.

Sometimes I wish Nairne was here. Well most of the time. I miss him a lot more now that I am out here than when I was home. I miss all of you a lot.  Anyway I am trying to think of what else I can tell you! Oh yeah so packages take like three weeks to get here, but if you can send one for the district that would be waaayyyy toooo coool.  I Love all of you so much and sorry if my emails are lame. I just don´t know what to write because SO MUCH HAPPENS. I will try and record better and tell you more in detail. Just know that it is flying by! Adios mi familia Les amo mucho!


 Hermana Farner

P.s. write me some letters! No one in our district gets mail!

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