Monday, February 16, 2015


Things are going well here. Taught a convict yesterday and saw my first dead man. It was an interesting day to say the least. We are in the last week of this change in the mission. I am ready for a lot of miracles and a lot of work.
I was chosen to speak and participate in a conference with Elder Walter Gonzalez. I was kind of scared. He is the General Authority of South America. It was an awesome chance to feel the spirit. 
Learned an important lesson this week about the importance of not comparing ourselves with anyone else. If we are always comparing ourselves with other people there is no way that we will improve. If I think I am doing so much "better" than someone else or so much "worse" I am not improving on my level. I have to compare the things I do with how I was before. We are all on a different part of the path to conversion and if I am always looking to my left and right I will never see how much I am missing to get to the finish line. I have always tried to teach that to my new missionaries so that they don't waste time in their mission comparing themselves to someone else, but rather that they look inside and see their own personal growth because that is the miracle that the Lord is working in them.
Love you so much! 
Hermana Farner

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