Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Safely arrived in Mexico

Hola mi madre y padre!

I have just arrived at the CCM! Or in English it is called the MTC. Probably one of the greatest days of my life hands down. No competition. On the plane from Washington I was super scared that I was going to not really know what to do. But then I was eavesdropping on some conversations and turns out the girl behind me was on her way to the CCM as well! And there was an Elder that was on his way too. Super cool! So we stayed tight. Then in Phoenix we went to our gate and there were a whole slew of missionaries! Two Elders from Oahu (one of them gave us all lei's), one Elder from Idaho, and a sister and Elder from Arizona. They are all super cool and we all were joking around and having fun within the first 10 minutes. They all think I'm a super big spazz! Which is kind of true, I have never been this happy before so I am just on cloud 9! Then we landed in Mexico and OH MY GOODNESS that is literally the prettiest place I have ever seen. I don't know what it is, but I looked out the window and saw the AMAZING sprawl of the BIGGEST city I have ever seen and my mind was blown and Mexico City is now one of my favorite places in the entire world. The air quality is less than ideal though.

My companion is from San Clemente California and pretty much is already fluent in Spanish even though she claims she doesn't know much. I am talking pitch perfect accent and understands everything. One of the ladies that was checking my suitcases at customs had a conversation with me. I understood most of it when she didn't say anything too quickly, but basically we talked about how I wasn't going to have any friends here for the Christmas. Super awkward. Anyway, me and Sister McB sat next to each other on the way to the CCM and my goodness the driving is crazy and it literally is VW Bug heaven out here. Dad, I saw some sweet VW buses and some even sweeter colors on the Bugs. You should get one!!!! I took a picture. I will send it to you when I learn how and have my stuff all organized. I am a little discombobulated with the whole weight restriction thing.

This is seriously the most fun I have had in forever, the Idaho missionary going to Osorno Chile asked me if I was ok because I was giggling and smiling and being super happy. I guess I am normally like that around people, but he seemed to think it was out of the ordinary.  The Arizona sister missionary going to Raleigh NC is super cool and I am a little bummed she isn't my compaƱera but hey life goes on and my companion is legit. Ummmmmm let's see. What else is there to say? Everything smells like Hawaii because of the lei that elder  gave me, so I basically feel like I am in Hawaii doing the best thing in the entire world.

I better go, I think I have to do something. I wasn't really listening because I am so pumped and wired.

P-day is Wednesday! Love and miss you!


Hermana Farner

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  1. YEAH! I am so excited for you Hermana Farner. Looking forward to reading all about your experiences. Love, Sister Yancey
    P.S. My maiden name was "Greene", so I was Sister Greene my whole mission (greeny my whole mission) ha ha